Handwriting Analysis

What It Is

Coined from the Greek word “graph,” which means writing, and the suffix “ology,” denoting the scientific study of writing.

Significance Of The Handwritten Word

*  When you write, you are not simply performing a physical function.  Your brain is telling you what to do, and how you form letters and words, which describes your true character and personality.

*  A trained graphologist, using guidelines set forth by psychologists and scientists through empirical studies painstakingly conducted over the past several hundred years, observes the visual aspects of the written word, versus the actual words used by the writer.

*  Even physically challenged persons, young children in grade school, and those who cannot write in the “traditional” manner can have their handwriting analyzed.  This can be particularly useful to counselors, parents and teachers.

What Handwriting Analysis Can And Cannot Do

*  Handwriting analysis can give you up to 300 character attributes of the writer.

*  Handwriting analysis can generally indicate the emotional feelings of the writer at the time he/she is writing.  Certain writing characteristics are common to an individual, so an accurate analysis can be made, even with variations in day-to-day activities.

*  Handwriting analysis does not predict the future.  It could be used simply to guide a client or friend toward a goal compatible with one’s character strengths indicated by the author’s written word.

*  Handwriting analysis cannot differentiate between a male and female writer.  Additionally, a graphologist cannot detect the age of the writer.  It is highly unlikely for a graphologist to be able to tell the ethnic background of the writer as well.

A Brief History Of Handwriting Analysis

The earliest treatise on the subject dates back to 1622.  Efforts to standardize graphology principles began with the French Abbe Jean Hippolyte Michon who, in 1872, gave graphology its name.  Michon and his colleague, Jules Crepieux-Jamin, developed a school of isolated signs.  Here, they attempted to relate specific handwriting styles to specific handwriting traits.

Psychologist Alfred Binet was convinced that graphology had potential for being utilized for personality testing.  Aesop, Aristotle, Julius Cesar and Cicero are but a few noted individuals who recognized graphology as a credible empirical science.

Applications Of Handwriting Analysis

*  Counseling, Career Coaching, Personality Profiling, Forensics, Documentation Authentication, Educational Aptitude and Placement, Relationship Compatibility Assessment, Criminal Investigations, Executive Placement, Health Counseling, Entertainment, Household Parties, Company Parties, Social Gatherings, Trade Shows, etc.

Documentation Specialists

Banks, law firms and other professionals hire handwriting specialists for identifying the authenticity of written documents such as legal wills for estates, real estate transactions or other documents of record.

Personality Profiles

*  Personnel recruiters, especially for larger corporations, will utilize graphologists as a supplement to the screening process.

*  Lawyers, counselors, teachers, rehabilitation specialists, hiring managers, dating service managers, and virtually anyone dealing with clients can utilize this skill to discern the character of parties they are working with, such as students, patients, clients and potential employees.

*  Professionals dealing with criminal offenders have been known to utilize personality profiles obtained from graphologists.

*  Any office manager, with discretion, can utilize their handwriting analysis skills to better understand his/her employees, including their strengths, weaknesses and overall character.

  Handwriting Analysis Is A Powerful Assessment Tool If You Want To

*  join that committee member on a challenging project.
*  become friends with a person that seems okay.
*  go into a business partnership you’re cautious about.
*  invest your money with the writer.
*  select a physician carefully.
*  take the plunge for that first date.
*  trust the writer to be your child’s daycare provider.
*  select that perfect nanny to live in your home.
*  hire the best employee for your business.
*  understand why your family members are all so different.