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Helping You To Choose The "Write" Profession

You're a talented person and you have a number of ideas, but you lack clarity about which direction to take when it comes to making decisions about which career is best for you. Or, your son or daughter is looking to you for some sage advice about their career decisions and you are bewildered that they don’t know what they want after your sending them to school all of these years – a few hundred thousand dollars later, you’re all stressed and perplexed.

Perhaps you’ve been employed for several years and you find your work boring or stressful because you just don’t feel the passion anymore. “Should I make a change and pursue an entirely different career than the one I studied for in college and graduate school? “ you ask yourself.  Holidays can be painful, too, as you listen to your relatives and friends discuss their excitement about their chosen careers.  It can be a real downer to your self-esteem, which only fuels further doubt and uncertainty.  Your clarity of purpose may not be quite as defined as you’d like; it feels like you’re wearing prescription glasses that are the wrong strength – no matter how you look at things, you get so mired in the fog of confusion that you don’t have any focus or direction and you wind up getting stymied and stuck, bumping into the wrong opportunities.

Choosing which profession to pursue does not necessarily happen overnight. Searching for the right niche for you is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you will make in your life.  After all, we spend 8-12 hours daily at our jobs for the majority of our adult lives (and sometimes this doesn’t even include answering emails at 11 p.m. as your family or housemates sleep).  Infuriating and heartbreaking doesn’t even begin to describe the level of frustration one feels when every day is filled with fear and dread about facing another day in the workplace.  If it weren't for your mortgage or rent, food bills and all of the other necessities of life, you’d quit this hamster wheel you’ve found yourself treading each day.

It’s a new day when you ask for help, and an experienced counselor like me can assist you in sifting through your options so that you can make an informed decision about who you are and who you want to be – not what society tells you to do necessarily, but what your heart says you should choose.  You deserve to feel happy, joyful and productive in your life, and signing up for my handwriting career coaching advice will catapult you to a new awareness about what is “write” for you.

It is so important to make the choices that make sense for you in terms of your personality attributes and your personal values and beliefs. Finding that special mission that makes your day flow is so difficult but yet so rewarding when it is found.

Let me help you to find that special quality about you that would help you to stand out amongst your peers; learn what professions are most fitting to your unique persona. If you're outgoing and love to socialize with different individuals having diverse backgrounds, I would not highly recommend that you sit for 8 hours straight in a small cubicle. However, if you love social media and have great writing skills (which can be detected in your handwriting analysis too) then it might make sense to be a social media blogger. But if you need the energy of others to feel alive and productive, your extroverted personality will wither within that cubicle environment. Your handwriting will tell me how best to advise you  in making your career decisions.

Consider the culture of where you plan to work, too. Are you more self-disciplined, preferring to be within a corporate environment where the expectations are clear and people arrive on time to meetings? Or, would you prefer to be in a casual, relaxed office where people share design plans and concepts with a cup of coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, mapping out the latest idea for a new project? Maybe you would ideally like a blend of the two and that's possible, too.  My career coaching is spot on and I believe that my objective insights about your innermost talents as shown in your handwriting will give you the confirmation and self confidence you will need to pursue your dreams with energy and focus.

Let me review your handwritten sample and advise you as to the best work environment for you based on your handwriting. You will be astounded by what I can see in your pen movements created across the page. Are you highly ambitious and therefore willing to take huge risks or are you more reserved and less likely to jump into new professional relationships with the same amount of ease that your friend Sarah the saleswoman prefers? We are all wired differently and your handwriting shows your innermost character and how your talents could be best utilized in the workplace.

Send me a sample of your handwriting and I will be able to cut out the clutter and confusion you may be experiencing in making your career choices. Utilize my expertise for your own higher awareness about what will and perhaps will not work for you based on your temperament, talent and beliefs. Realize that your own handwriting can show me as a certified graphologist what jobs would work best for you given your personality traits.

I can see up to 150+ characteristics in one's handwriting so don't hesitate any longer about what you should do with your life; write to me and learn what your innermost self reveals to me about what I refer to as your career calling or your true purpose in life. We all have talents that are unique to each of us and my analysis of your handwriting will help you to see what skills are most naturally performed, given your special intelligences. Write to me now and start to build your new life with some new insights about who you are - and who you can be!