Reading Options

You have the choice of either a 15 minute audio reading for $33 or a 30 minute audio reading for $59.  To order a reading simply follow the two-step submission process below.  

Step #1: Make Payment

Click on either payment link below and pay with your PayPal® account or a Debit or Credit Card of your choice.

15 Minute Audio Reading for $33

30 Minute Audio Reading for $59

Step #2: Submit a Sample

On unlined paper please provide a sample of your writing, as you normally would write.  One or two paragraphs will be sufficient.  Write about anything neutral that will not reveal your personality characteristics.  Writing a nursery rhyme, a page about the weather in your area, or an event that has nothing to do with you personally, is suggested.  Do not copy information from a book or other printed material, as this will inhibit your natural writing style and flow.  Since I will be telling you about your personality, talents and social behaviors, I ask that you NOT share in your writing sample:

•  your profession or professional interests,
•  your hobbies,
•  your challenges, issues, or personal concerns,
•  your likes and dislikes or,
•  your relationships with parents, loved ones or other individuals close to you.

Be sure to include your signature.  Sign your name as you would traditionally sign, and print your name legibly under your signature.

Samples can be emailed in a JPG, PNG or PDF format.  Simply attach the document and email it to  In the body of your email be sure to include a phone numbers(s) (home, work, cell) and any special instructions or comments. 

The audio reading will be emailed as a link and marked UNLISTED.  Only people who have the link will be able to listen to it.

Longer, in-depth readings can be provided.  And, if you like, individual coaching sessions or special presentations can be provided on request.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.