As a result of a previous encounter with Lianne's graphology expertise, I asked her to analyze the handwriting and signatures of eight individuals who were to be guests at a fundraising dinner party at our home.  Lianne analyzed the samples, wrote critiques of them, which in turn were passed anonymously among the dinner guests to guess who wrote what sample based on Lianne's descriptions.  Lianne's analyses perfectly captured the guest personalities, and her insightful comments during the event added significantly to the guests' enjoyment.  Our guests are still talking about the experience, and we would surely  invite Lianne and her husband, Nick again, for a future event. ~ Bob Hessler, Cape Cod Personal Chef

Hi Lianne - you were Ahhhh-mazing the other night.  I just want to thank you so much for all the info you gave to each and every one of us.  It was inspirational and really hit home.  It was incredible how you knew so much just from our handwriting. You have a true talent. I know our paths will cross again and I sooooo look forward to the next time. ~ Sonnie

What a uniquely entertaining experience! ~ K.

It was a fun night and you were amazing!!!! ~ Sue-Ann

Lianne, you made my evening a success.  Thank you for everything you brought to the dinner.  See you again soon.  Xoxo. ~ Susan

Just to say “Thank you” for a most enjoyable evening, my friends and I spent the wee hours of the morning talking about our fun time.  Hope I have an opportunity to share you with an event in the future.  You are terrific.  Thanks again. ~ Judy

Wow Lianne, you were dead on again.  The funny thing, is that I fixed my d's a little while ago, and . . . I've changed my m's to separated ones- especially in my sig. I didn't purposely change the m's, but I liked the new way better and it turns out I'm on the right track. Your other tips on m's and n's are really helpful.  Thank you. You are sooooo good. It's like you can get right inside my head and read all of my conscious and subconscious thoughts.  What a great screencast!!!!!  Thank you soooooo much!!!! ~ Caitlin

Thank you again for your help Lianne, you really have given me new avenues to consider and I am very grateful. ~ Mariana

Wow, Lianne, the reading was amazing, thank you so much!  I was just sitting, listening to it in complete awe, haha.  I especially loved the part about my relationship with my parents, which is so true!  And yes, I love to paint, draw, and read! Again, thank you so much, I will definitely listen to it often. ~ Rain

Lianne, I just arrived home and want you to know what a fabulous presentation you provided for our Girls Night Out event.  Everyone was talking about how much they enjoyed this evening!  Thank you for your willingness to donate your time this evening and to present such an exciting topic which held everyone's interest.  You are appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Most sincerely. ~ Judi

I have always wondered what my handwriting would say about me - I have somewhat distinctive printing that people always comment on.  Serendipity intervened and I met Lianne . . . so I decided it would be fun to finally have my writing analyzed.  WOW!  Within the first few moments of her sharing her insights, I felt like I was sitting naked in front of her.  Her comments and observations were spot on.  What was even more amazing is how comfortable it felt - she was just painting a picture, saying what she saw - no judgment, just telling you the story of you.  I liken it to when someone describes a person to a forensic artist and they take all the information and somehow transform it in to an image that looks eerily like the subject without ever having seen them.  It is scary in a way to see and hear how truly revealing your handwriting is about who you are. I found it immensely helpful, affirming, and thought provoking.  She just tells you what she sees; you decide what you want to do with the information.  For me it was a catalyst for clarity.  It helped me realize there were things that are true, no matter what - and I needed to start respecting those truths and make some changes to be in alignment with them, e.g. I can't live in clutter, I am happier when I'm being creative (and my signature attests to it!).  I highly recommend getting a reading with Lianne - I think it's a great, objective perspective on yourself, delivered in a very understandable, warm and kind way.  Sending you good thoughts. ~ Gwen

Lianne, I just listened to your You Tube handwriting analysis (which I loved how you did that) and my first response is WOW!!!  I got teary eyed when listening to it and found myself shaking my head yes thru almost every part of it!!!  Really!!!  It was amazing to hear what you had to say!!!  It really is so me!!!  I keep using exclamation marks because that is how I am feeling at the moment!!!  I don't know why but I feel this means more to me than just something interesting to hear. Not sure if I am making my point understood here either. It's a feeling I have.  And I do want to have you participate in something in the future.  Definitely!!!  Again, thank you for doing this for me!!!  I truly appreciate it!!! ~ Patty